The Blood Cleanses

The Blood Line: The Blood Cleanses Keeping with the theme “The Blood Line,” this month I would like to focus on how the blood cleanses us. There are three main reasons why Christ’s blood has the power to cleanse us from sin. First of all, the fact that makes Jesus

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The Birth of Redemption

Last month I started a series of blogs entitled “The Blood Line” which discusses how Christ is our redeemer. I started by focusing on the humanity of Jesus and why it is so important. This month I want to continue with this thought and, since it’s December, focus on the

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The Blood Line (Redemption)

In today’s generation the topic of “The Blood” has become controversial. It has been said that the blood is offensive and that Christianity is too bloody of a religion. Therefore we have had many ministers and Christian denominations taking the focus off of the blood. Well, if we remove the

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Does it even matter what I know about Jesus? What if we as humans had access to information that showed us the failure of others who had come before us? What if this information showed their spiritual depravity, their moral bankruptcy, their personal struggles, their emotional battles, etc? Wouldn’t this

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The changing of seasons

A Reviving As I look at the change of scenery from the frightful wintery season to the vibrant developing colors of spring, I am first of all thankful. Thankful that the long cold spell is finally over and “old man winter” has finally went to bed. I enjoy spring for

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Worship Worship is a loosely used term in the church world today. We have calls to worship, worship teams, and worship services; but let’s face it, worship is a substitute word we use to make us sound spiritual or churchy. We say worship team when we speak of a group

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