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Then and Now Book Sponsorship

This is the testimony book of 7 individuals from our church sharing how God miraculously changed their lives. We are currently sending these evangelistic books door to door in the Carey, OH area. Our goal is to reach our city for Jesus Christ and expand from there.

Product Description

We are taking monthly sponsorships to send these books out to every house around the Carey area. 1 book is $10.00 per month, 5 books are $41.00 per month, 10 books are $75.00 per month and 25 books are $180.00 per month, or you may also do a one-time sponsorship. As a church we are doing this for a 24-month period, but you may cancel, increase or decrease your amount at anytime by contacting our publishing company: Good Catch Publishing. This Great Commission Project through the Publishing Agency is a non-profit venture so all donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to sponsor books please click on the link below and print the card. After filling it out completely you may send it to our email address at or take a picture of the completed form and text it to 419-348-1932. All information is kept completely confidential. If you have any questions please call Pastor Joe at 419-348-1932 or Pastor Alisha at 419-348-2995.


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